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In 1999 we founded an enterprise under the name Mattas – Kokkalas – Daniilidis & CO, focusing on the production and wholesale trade of fabric and printed labels. A development strategy was immediately adopted and in the same year we started exporting our products abroad. In 2004 we built our new, advanced and privately owned production plant, covering some 2450 square metres, followed by the production of labels

for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The year 2007 was a landmark year for the company as its business activity reached its highest levels to date. In 2009 Nikos and Lefteris Matas founded Makotex S.A., signaling a new chapter for the company, along with an outward-looking policy and an expansion of activities to international markets. Over the last years and despite the general outlook of the market, Makotex has maintained an unscathed and unwavering position. The company has reorganized and upgraded its equipment and services, using effective decision making to expand into new markets, mostly in Southern Europe, based on our constant supply of high quality products.
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It is all about the detail. That special touch that gives clothes, fabrics or fashion accessories their personality and offers satisfaction to consumers for their choice. The style, finesse, elegance and reputation found in that detail are the basis for a brand’s unique character and identity. It is your label! At Makotex we know full well that this is an important and invaluable factor for you and the image of your company.

This is why every single of our products is a finely made creation with its own unique personality.
Simvolo pliroforion


Today Makotex is a robust and rapidly developing company, internationally certified as well as fully integrated. Owning state-of-the-art production facilities and a large share of the Greek and international market, its labels and accessories are the products of choice for leading brands.
Within a single day we produce 420000 woven labels, 315000 printed labels and 75000 paper tags. Our long-standing

experience and skill in producing high quality labels gives us the ability to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. At the same time, we constantly try to evolve through innovation as well as originality and creativity behind our techniques and products.
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