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About us

We are Makotex. Labels are our passion. We are experts in label production, constantly offering innovative products in the Greek and international market.

The premises
In our state-of-the-art, privately owned factory, located in Thessaloniki, we boast a vertical production unit allowing us to have complete control over our products.

The numbers
At Makotex we produce 420,000 woven labels, 315,000 printed labels and 75,000 paper tags on a daily basis. The numbers are indicative of our business dynamics. Having long experience and in depth know-how, we cover all customers’ needs.

The people
In our team we trust. The fact that we manage to become better day by day is a great common achievement.

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Comparative advantages

We strive to design, produce and distribute unique products that stand out for their quality and to offer them to you at competitive prices. We look forward to the next day, strongly believing that the best is yet to come.

We have got you covered
No matter what the request is, we have the solution.

We mix experience and knowledge
We are experts in label making and we serve it with passion.

We are reliable
We have loyal clients that keep trusting us for their needs.

We serve fast
Each order is delivered within 24 hours throughout Greece and the Balkan countries and within 7 working days in Europe.

We define “value for money”
Our prices are truly competitive, defining the concept of value for money.

We are environmentally conscious
We adopt best practices for the common welfare.

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Our version of extroversion

At Makotex we remove the boundaries  in service. 25 major companies of the global fashion industry are among our world class clientele. At the same time we have concluded strong collaborations with official distributors of the largest fashion companies in the world. Our production is channelled by 20% to the Greek market, while the remaining 80% is exported abroad. Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Cyprus are just some of the countries we export our products to.