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At Makotex, everything around us inspires us. 

We are constantly looking for sustainable solutions that can contribute decisively to the conquest of a greener everyday life. In this context, we have developed a series of ecological proposals, including both paper tags and labels, that besides their design uniqueness, have an additional advantage: they are made of eco-friendly materials.
At the moment we have 4 different options of green labels and this is only the beginning. Our goal is to expand our range of ecological labels so that in the coming years all our polyester materials (cloths or yarns) will derive from recycled polyester. In that fashion, we aspire to make our dream of a greener life come true.

Our “green” materials

Recycled viscose microfibers

This material is widely used in “Care Labels”. It consists of 80% viscose and 20% recycled polyester, thus is a biodegradable material by 80%. At the same time, it is tear away, which means that when the garment is washed, it becomes so soft that you can easily remove it simply by pulling it, without causing damage to the garment. It is suitable for many printing methods, digital printing included, with the latter being the most eco-friendly option.

Recycled polyester

This quality of weave is used in woven labels, and more specifically in linen, workwear, etc. The composition material is 100% recycled polyester. It features high resistance to frequent, industrial washes (hospitals, hotels, etc.), high temperatures and chemicals substances. This quality is suitable for small-sized typography when a lot of fabric composition information needs to be included in the label

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Pet plastic bottles 

The composition material is 100% recycled polyester that comes exclusively from plastic bottles. It is widely used on printed labels. As a material it is suitable for many printing methods, digital printing included, with the latter being the most environmentally friendly option.

Bamboo / cane

In general, paper is biodegradable in the environment and in a relatively short time it becomes soil. However, in most cases, papers come from tree cutting, controlled or not. The advantage of this paper is that it comes from 100% bamboo, cane and cotton waste pulp, thus helps prevent the reckless cutting of trees. It is used in ecological paper tags.

*controlled production of bamboo or cane

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Green growth


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At Makotex we continue to evolve on a daily basis, envisioning a brighter future, with the concept of sustainability present In our corporate label. We believe in sustainable development and our goal is to receive all the necessary certifications as an energy efficient company. Making good use of EU funding programs, we have invested significantly in the field of green development, in order to minimize our energy footprint within the next three years

Ecological practices in the production process

Our facilities are equipped with technologically updated machines that work wonders in energy saving. In addition, the inks we use are based on water and oil or are natural silicone inks, the only ones that are non- toxic to the respiratory system and the environment. The residues are cotton cloths of size 15cm X 15cm, which are collected and sent to a company that destroys them. This is a rather costly process, but it is considered extremely beneficial for the environment. And this is always our top priority at Makotex.

Photovoltaic ceilings

Installation of photovoltaic ceilings in our production facilities, which are expected to lead to an impressive up to 70% coverage of our unit’s energy needs, during the warmest hours of the day. Makotex energy efficiency will be a major achievement that will lead to great energy saving on a daily basis.

Energy upgrade

In order to ensure an even greater reduction of our energy footprint, we have proceeded with the shielding and insulation of our facilities (2800 m2), to minimize energy loss. Through these actions, which include, among other things, the installation of a special gas burner, shielding of the whole building and insulation of all windows, our facilities will become a paradigm for green entrepreneurship.


Digital transformation is not just a rising trend, it is a necessity for any future-oriented business. In this context, at Makotex we have invested in the development of a customized software, which will allow the automation of all customer related processes. This way, each customer will be able to enter the platform and access all their information, regarding the progress of their order, financial issues etc. In that fashion, we are expected to achieve an impressive reduction in total paper consumption throughout all our corporate transactions.